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What A Gamma Eta Stands For..

A Gamma Eta stands for Sisterhood and Strength. A Gamma Eta has enough strength to go around for her and her sisters. A Gamma Eta stands for Leadership in not only herself, or her sisters, but leadership for everyone. A Gamma Eta stands for Diversity. Not just racial diversity but also societal diversity. She would rather be a swan in a flock of geese than be one of many. A Gamma Eta stands for Unity. A Gamma Eta stands for Scholarship and Service. She strives to be the brightest and smartest star in the night sky. She strives to give back to her community so that it is a better place once she’s gone.

About Us

Gamma Eta Sorority, Inc. was the first multicultural sorority established in the state of Florida. Founded at the University of Florida in 1995 by eighteen young women who sought to come together and share ideas and heritages in a welcoming atmosphere. With the success of Gamma Eta at UF, in 2002 Gamma Eta expanded to the University of North Florida, creating Beta Chapter.

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